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School Visits

Lizzy Rockwell loves to meet the children who read her books and the teachers and librarians who bring those books to them. She often meets with children in kindergarten, first or second grade, but has presented to all ages, including high school and college.



Typically, presentations are made in small groups (20-25 students) right in the classroom using hand-held materials or powerpoint. Lizzy is also happy to present to large groups in a common area such as the library or auditorium. During a 45 minute presentation Lizzy explains the creative and technical process involved in creating a picture book, showing rough drafts of manuscripts, thumbnail sketches, the book dummy, art materials and original paintings. She takes questions, and ends by making a drawing on an easel. She is happy to work with staff to customize content to curriculum areas.  Presentations are intimate and spontaneous. 


Lizzy uses her time with the children as an opportunity to inspire a love of reading and to encourage their own powers of self-expression. She breaks down the creative process so that students feel they can participate in it at any level of skill or maturity, and understand that hard work, patience, and confidence are as essential to creative expression as raw talent.



Lizzy's fee for schools within a 50-mile radius of Bridgeport, Connecticut is $1,200 for a full day (3-4 presentations). A half day rate, available to schools within a 20 mile radius, consists of one or two presentations at $800.  Fees and travel arrangements for schools farther away are determined on a case-by-case basis. Payment is due at the end of the day of the school visit.


Discounts for preschools and elementary schools with financial constraints are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact Lizzy to discuss. 



Lizzy can make up to four 45-minute presentations during a full day visit, with at least a  15-minute transition scheduled between each group.  A schedule of the day with times and teacher's names, provided by email, is requested before arrival.  A half day schedule can accommodate one or two 45 minute presentations, with a minimum of 15 minutes in between, and no more that one hour in between.  Lizzy will arrive at least fifteen minutes before her first presentation.


Author's needs:

 - A large piece of unlined white paper, on which to draw, and fresh black markers. An easel or wall to hold the paper. 

 - Name tags on all the children, which are legible from across the room (not necessary for groups of 80 or more)  - A teacher or librarian present and actively engaged in the presentation.

 - For presentations with powerpoint, Lizzy will bring her presentation on a thumb drive, or will provide the file  electronically beforehand. She will need a computer and connected projector and screen, or smart board.  For presentations in large common areas, such as an auditorium, consultation between Lizzy and a tech specialist beforehand is recommended. 

 - For presentations to large groups requiring a microphone, please provide a hands-free mic when possible.

Book Signing:

Lizzy is happy to sign books while at the school.  All of Lizzy's in-print books are listed on the Books page of this website, and have convenient links to book ordering instructions through the publishers.  For book orders connected to an author appearance, publishers offer a 40% discount.  Some publishers request six weeks advance ordering, and others request three, so please be advised.  Your school may prefer to make arrangements directly with a local bookseller.


If Lizzy is signing books during the school day, please set the books aside in a quiet accessible area, with clear instructions on each book for personal inscription. Lizzy will leave a brief message, the date, and inscribe using the student's first name (or teacher's or other adult's name however requested).  Also be sure to schedule time in the day for book signing.  One minute per book is a good estimate.  Lizzy can stay after school is dismissed to sign books, if needed.


Publisher Customer Service Numbers:

To order books from Harper Collins call: 1 (800) 242-7737

To order books from Crown or Random House call: 1 (800) 733-3000

To order books from Simon and Schuster call: 1 (800) 976-1726 or 1(877) 989-0009


If you would like to schedule a school visit, have other questions answered, or arrange a phone call, please contact Lizzy by email at

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