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Hear what they say about a Lizzy Rockwell Presentation...

"Lizzy Rockwell is not only a gifted author and illustrator, but a natural teacher of children and adults of all ages.  She skillfully adapts her presentation to the audience to ensure that each participant is engaged and inspired. In telling her own story, Lizzy communicates the powerful message that we are all authors and artists." 

- Suzanne Porco Clement, Early Childhood Coordinator

Cooperative Educational Services, Trumbull, CT

"So many people tend to talk down to small children, but Lizzy has a wonderful way of connecting with them. It's amazing to watch them watch her!"


- Anmarie Galgano, Language Arts Specialist

McKinley School, Fairfield, CT


"Our students, teachers and parents LOVED Lizzy Rockwell!  Her presentation on creating nonfiction picture books was a warm and personal invitation into her writing process. The student were captivated by slides of her workspace and the books she has created, and were transfixed as they watched her draw pictures from her yet-to-be-published book. She made the process of writing nonfiction books exciting and accessible for our students."

- Dorna Persson, Retired Librarian

Burr Elementary School, Fairfield, CT

"A visit from Lizzy Rockwell provides long lasting memories for both your students and staff. As a preK-Grade2 school, each presentation was grade-level appropriate and the students were totally engaged. When Lizzy did an illustration for each group, the audience was mesmerized! Her labeled illustrations bring the informational text to life, highlighting all the important details. This is a wonderful experience to share with your students!" 

- Anne Battista, Library Aide

Hazardville Memorial Elementary School, Enfield, CT

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