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Where do you work?

I have a studio in my home in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I live in a neighborhood called Black Rock that is surrounded by water on three sides. This is a really nice place to live and work because, when I take a break from the drawing table, my dog Reggie and I can take a walk down by the water, passing a little beach on a quiet cove, a promenade along more open water of Long Island Sound and then along a beautiful tidal estuary called Ash Creek. We like to check up daily on our bird friends.


My studio has two drawing tables, many shelves for books, and flat files where I store my pads, papers and all artwork in progress. In my studio I also have a computer, a scanner, a printer, an electric pencil sharpener, special lamps, my lightbox, and a file cabinet. My art supplies are stored on the various shelves in the room. I usually use gouache paints, watercolors, and colored pencils to make my pictures. I make most of my illustrations by hand without the use of a computer.

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