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Stepping StonesMuseum for Children

In 2018, Lizzy created a 5' x 3' mini mural for Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk, CT.  

The image represents the mission and future aspirations of the museum.  The mission of Stepping Stones Museum is to:


"Broaden and enrich the educational opportunities for children ages ten and under and enhance their understanding of the world."

Rhonda Kiest, President and CEO, and Sheri Cifaldi- Morrill, then design director of the museum provided a list of over 30 concepts to include in the imagery,  such as guiding principles, community partners, learning methods, mascots and initiatives.

Here is the Big Picture of Stepping Stones Museum for Children at the year 2020 and looking ahead. The original painting hangs in the corporate offices, and a reproduction hangs in the museum. The image is  also used for printed materials and multimedia presentations.

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