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By Lizzy Rockwell

Plants Feed Me

Hardbound ISBN: 978-0823425266

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0823433070

In this easy-to-read non-fiction picture book about the plants that feed us, our narrator takes us to the farm, the orchard, and the community garden to discover the visual and taste appeal of the food growing all around us.  Find out how the mighty walnut tree, and the tiny radish, both "reach up for the sun" and "grow down in the ground" to bring us beautiful, bountiful, delicious food.


With realistic and artistic botanical illustrations and relatable child characters, this book is a level D reader, and meets criteria for Common Core Standards.  and STEM education. Get a taste of how fresh and fun learning can be!

"This simplest of informational picture books offers a sensible, sunny celebration of the plants—specifically the parts of plants—that we eat.The opening scene shows a boy seated at table surrounded by a rich harvest. He’s holding a watermelon rind that mirrors the wide grin he wears, helping to set the good-natured tone of the book. As preschoolers examine the pages, they will learn about the featured fruits and vegetables and how they grew. Warm gouache-and–colored-pencil illustrations first depict a garden where “Plants reach up for the sun. / They grow down in the ground.” As the narrator goes on to explain that “I eat different parts from different plants,” such as roots, tubers, bulbs, stems, flowers and seeds, youngsters will find labeled images to peruse. The short, declarative sentences are easily digested by the very youngest and will tempt burgeoning readers to test their skills. Best of all, children will surely be inspired to taste some of the produce the next time it appears on their plates.Delicious on its own, and it will pair well with other books about gardens, plants, and healthy eating habits." - KIRKUS REVIEW


2014 Booklist Top 10

Craft & Garden Books for Youth

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