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Library Day

By Anne Rockwell

Illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell

Don visits the local library with his dad and experiences the joys of storytime, meeting a new friend, selecting his own books to take home, and getting his very own library card.

There is a very traditional feeling about this local public library, although computers and bar codes are depicted and mentioned. There are movies on the shelf, but the young boy is really interested in books and magazines. There are baby toys in the illustrations (the bead and wire mazes so popular in today’s libraries), but even the baby pictured is glued to her board book, held upside down. An older boy is shown using a computer and wearing headphones, and some other kids are playing chess. The adults and children are ethnically diverse, and it is great to see a bilingual Puerto Rican librarian conducting one of the story sessions. (The book is dedicated to him, Miguel Garcia-Colón of the Byram Shubert Library in Greenwich, Connecticut, as well as two other beloved, deceased children’s librarians.) Reading is being celebrated, and the Rockwells have done a little bit of self-promotion—when Don sees a book about apples and pumpkins on the shelf, guess which one is pictured. Lizzy Rockwell’s clear, colorful, child-friendly watercolors and her mother’s accessible text combine to create a read-aloud that will work equally well for home or early childhood group settings.

Calling all young children to libraries everywhere. (Informational picture book. 3-6)


- Kirkus Reviews, October 2015


Hardbound ISBN: 978-1-4814-2731-9


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