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How do you do your research?

When I am doing research for writing or illustration, my first place for gathering information is always books.  I buy them, borrow them, spend days in the library, and use the books in my house.  For information, and especially pictures of things, the internet is also a great resource.


Perhaps my favorite way to get information is to go new places.  This might be the Museum of Natural History, or the Florida Everglades.  On research trips I bring a sketchbook, a camera, and I try to talk to experts who know more on the subject than I do.  When I was illustrating PLANTS FEED ME,  I went to a farm, the New York Botanical Gardens, the grocery store, and my own backyard. 


When I am drawing people, I sometimes take photos of friends and family.  But an important part of my research for drawing characters, is my own memory and imagination. I try to remember how I felt, or imagine how I would feel, if I were the character I am trying to draw.

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