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Hello Baby!

Crown Books for Young Readers, 1999

By Lizzy Rockwell

A little boy narrates the events of family life as he awaits the arrival of a new baby sister. At the doctor's office he listens to the baby's hearbeat and sees a chart which explains how the baby grows inside the womb. When baby Eliza comes home, she eats, sleeps, bathes, burps, and cries, but soon feels right at home thanks to her caring parents and a loving and helpful big brother.


Emphasising the positive and the real, this book celebrates the love, excitement, and wonder shared by a family during a special time.


"Readers who have already welcomed a new baby into their home will enjoy remebering the events portayed here while future siblings will gain insight into what's in store for them."- (starred review) School Library Journal




Paperback ISBN-13 : 978-0517800744

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