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Are you related to other artists?

I am commonly asked if I am related to the wonderful American illustrator, Norman Rockwell.  I am not related to him, but I am lucky enough to be related to many talented artists, either by birth or marriage.  Of course at the top of the tree are my parents, Anne Rockwell and Harlow Rockwell

In addition to this legacy, my husband, Ken Alcorn, is the youngest son of the late great illustrator and graphic designer, John Alcorn.  I was fortunate to know John and watch him at work in his vibrant studio before he passed in 1992.  A compendium of John's work has been published by Moleskine.


On the Alcorn side I am also related by marriage to my husband's brother Stephen Alcorn, a linoleum artist and book illustrator, his wife Sabina Alcorn, a botanical watercolorist, and the cut paper artist and illustrator, Jo Lynn Alcorn, who is married to Ken's other brother John.


My sister Hannah Brion (a copywriter) is married to David Brion, a cartoonist/illustrator/scuptor, and their daughter Julianna Brion is an award winning illustrator.


My brother Oliver Rockwell works in the comupter field, and is also an accomplished and dedicated photographer. 


My sons are also artists. Nick Alcorn is an illustrator and comic book artist, and his younger brother, Nigel Alcorn, is an industrial designer at the exercise bike company, Peloton.



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